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Medford Wills And Trusts Lawyers

The future is uncertain, so it is important to settle potential issues that may arise if tragedy strikes. The legal team at Jacobson, Thierolf & Dickey, P.C., has the professionalism and experience to handle sensitive estate matters, such as life planning. We understand that each individual and family has specific needs, and we will help you develop a plan that is tailored to your situation. For specific estate planning questions, call our law office to schedule an appointment.

Understanding The Different Types Of Estate Planning Tools

In general, people tend to think of a will when they hear the term estate planning. However, estate planning involves much more than drafting a will that designates to whom your property will go after your death. Estate planning tools, such as an advance directive, also known as a health care directive, or a power of attorney, can be used to name representatives to make health care or financial decisions in the event you become seriously ill or incapacitated.

A last will and testament is not the only estate planning tool you can use to distribute your property. Various trust instruments can designate beneficiaries of your assets during your life and after your death. Learn more about the types of trusts by scheduling a consultation at our Medford law office.

Our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers understand the requirements involved in creating a valid legal instrument to protect your assets.

We can make sure that your will, trust, advance directive or power of attorney is thorough and legally enforceable.

Providing Professional Assistance In Guardianship Cases And Probate

Our firm also provides assistance in complex situations involving estate planning, elder law and probate. Our attorneys represent family members in guardianship proceedings to ensure that they are able to continue making health and financial decisions for their developmentally disabled loved ones.

We can also offer professional legal services in matters involving probate. We have extensive experience in complex probate proceedings and can walk you through probate administration.

Contact Us For Your Estate Planning Needs

Contact our Medford law office at 541-773-2727 to get in touch with one of our skilled wills and trusts attorney. We serve clients throughout southern Oregon.