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Last updated on October 18, 2023

If you have a legal matter regarding estate planning, probate, real estate or business, or if you need other legal services, the team at Jacobson, Thierolf & Dickey, P.C., has the knowledge and experience to assist you. Learn more about how we can help you by scheduling an appointment with us.

Taking Care Of Your Legal Needs

Jacobson, Thierolf & Dickey, P.C., opened practice as Jacobson & Jewett in Ashland, Oregon, in 1979. We are a small firm of attorneys whose knowledge and experience spans multiple areas of law. We serve organizations, businesses and individuals. Many of our clients have been with us for decades. Our practice includes the following areas:

Estate planning, elder law and probate:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Health care directives
  • Charitable giving
  • Probate administration
  • Small estate administration
  • Guardianships and conservatorships
  • Elder financial abuse and other elder law issues
  • Estate and trust litigation

Business law: We help businesses and individuals with matters such as:

  • Business formation: corporations, partnerships, and LLCs
  • Nonprofit formation and administration
  • Buying and selling businesses
  • Forming contracts
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Shareholder disputes in corporations and member disputes in LLCs
  • Employment issues

Real estate: Whether you are a homeowner, a farmer or rancher, an investor, or a real estate broker, we have the experience to help you with issues concerning real estate law, such as:

  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Commercial and residential lease agreements
  • Homeowners associations
  • Water rights and related matters
  • Real estate litigation (for example, disputes over title, adverse possession, restrictive covenants or CC&Rs, breach of lease, and easements)
  • Foreclosures
  • Land use and zoning

Trials and appeals: We take pride in settlements that are fair to all concerned. However, some cases may need to go to trial; not everyone can or is willing to agree in a way that leads to settlement. We put protection of your best interests at the forefront of our concerns. As attorneys who have been in practice for years, we are prepared to litigate in state or federal court, or represent you in mediation or arbitration. We also handle appeals in civil and criminal matters.

Answering Your Questions About The Legal Process

We hope you find the following to be helpful information:

What Happens After Trial Court?

Whether you won or lost your case at trial court, you may have to deal with an appeal. To determine whether you have a strong argument on appeal, meet with one of us. We are professionals who take our clients’ legal matters seriously. We will take the time to fully understand the circumstances surrounding your case.

How Do Appeals Work?

One of the most important aspects to understand about appellate law is that appeals are not brand new trials. Whether you are pursuing or defending against an appeal, no new evidence can be brought in at the appellate level. All evidence must have been presented at the trial-court level, so it is important to have an attorney on your side who is adept at sizing up the entire trial-court record.

Jacobson, Thierolf & Dickey, P.C., takes a critical approach to appellate-level cases. We will thoroughly and meticulously examine your trial-court record in order to draft an appellate brief that includes all the pertinent points. In addition to detail-oriented briefing, we enjoy the challenge of oral argument in court proceedings at all levels.

Contact Us To Learn More

Jacobson, Thierolf & Dickey, P.C., has been meeting the needs of clients for 35 years. Contact our Medford law office at 541-773-2727 to schedule an initial consultation.